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Looking for excellent cabinet refinishing in the area? We can help! Yankee Finishing and Restoration is a cabinet restoration service provider and a cabinet maker well known for our intricate and high-quality services! Our work is easy to schedule throughout the whole area of the city and Newington, CT, so don’t think twice about selecting us for your upcoming cabinet projects! We won’t let you down!

Cabinet Installation Service Company

Why choose us?

We do what we can to provide the community with quality cabinet installation, restoration, and repair work! Keeping our rates fair and affordable has helped us a lot with this and given us the opportunity to introduce more people to our services, not only the wealthy!

Why trust us?

Goal number one for us is to produce impeccable cabinet refinishing in a minimal amount of time! No matter why you choose to hire us, you can rest assured that our crew brings nothing less than excellent and speedy results to our clients in the area! We will do all we can to leave you happy and satisfied with the results, so leave it to us!

When you select Yankee Finishing and Restoration to assist you with your cabinet installation, repair, or refinishing needs in the area, you are choosing a team of experts fully equipped and ready to tackle any project, no matter how challenging! We are located in Newington, CT, and our services are available throughout the whole city! Don’t think twice about giving us a call at (860) 215-3373 to schedule or to find out more about us!

Services List

  • Cabinet Refinishing Service
  • Cabinet Repair Service
  • Cabinet Building Service
  • Cabinet Restoration Service
  • Cabinet Installation
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