Rely on Us for Excellent Cabinet Installation Services

Once you have invested in new cabinets for your kitchen, storage area, or place of business, hiring professionals to conduct proper cabinet installation is the next important step. Yankee Finishing and Restoration is always a reliable company to turn to for excellent results. Operating within Newington, CT, we are always happy to work with businesses and homeowners alike.

The Value of a Proper Installation

New cabinetry can be quite valuable to any home or commercial establishment. It can be made to have great aesthetic appeal and will thus enhance the beauty of the room. Additionally, they provide some much-needed space for storing various items, files, fine porcelain, and much more. Proper installation is important because it ensures that the cabinets will be firmly affixed and thus provide safe and reliable storage for a very long time to come. A DIY approach to this task can prove to be difficult and time-consuming, which is why contacting experts is an excellent idea. By hiring a professional cabinet installation team, clients can count on good results provided promptly and without any issues.

How We Ensure Great Results

Here at Yankee Finishing and Restoration, we always work diligently and with attention to detail in order to truly ensure long-lasting results that our clients will be happy with. The installation process begins with checking the measurements and making sure that every piece of cabinetry is mounted correctly. We use high-quality materials and implement time-tested installation techniques. Through a very organized approach, we can complete every task up to the necessary standards in a timely and very efficient manner. Rely on us for quality every time!

For professional cabinet installation services, be sure to set up an appointment with Yankee Finishing and Restoration at your convenience. Dial (860) 215-3373 to discuss your project with us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. We are happy to be of assistance to clients throughout Newington, CT. Reach out to us today!

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