Cabinet Refinishing You Can Rely On!

Everyone wants their home or office cabinets to look great, and this is what we are here to do! Yankee Finishing and Restoration is a cabinet refinishing company with a lot of experience in serving the good people of the area and producing nothing but impeccable quality for those who need it! We are located in Newington, CT, but you can hire us just about anywhere in the area of the city as well!

Cabinet Refinishing Company

Cabinet Refinishing Company

Cabinet Refinishing Service

Cabinets rarely age well with time, as they can lose their color and accumulate damage over their years of use. If you are looking to restore the appeal of your home or office cabinets, we have just what you are looking for! Our crew will not disappoint you through their work!

Cabinet Repair Service

Is your cabinet broken? We can fix it! Our team is well-suited and equipped to provide you with timely and effective repairs for your home and office cabinets!

Cabinet Building Service

We work with both client designs and use our own unique ideas to construct sturdy, beautiful, and fully functional cabinets! No matter what style your interior may be, we are sure that our appealing cabinets will fit right in!

Cabinet Restoration Service

Do you have an antique cabinet you like but which is also in pretty bad condition? We will do our very best to restore it to its former glory without losing its aged appeal and classic look! You can count on us!

We at Yankee Finishing and Restoration work with cabinets of all sizes and types, and our team strives to deliver speedy and effective results on each and every project we are hired to work on! We are at your disposal throughout the whole area of the city and Newington, CT, so don’t think twice about contacting us as soon as you need our brilliant cabinet services! To schedule with us or to find out more about how we handle our services, all you need to do is to give us a call at (860) 215-3373! We are expecting you!

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