What Are the Different Methods of Refinishing Cabinets?

Not Sure Which Method to Use When It Comes to Your Cabinet Refinishing Project?

If your cabinets are dated, and you do not have the money to replace them entirely, have you considered cabinet refinishing? If so, read on to find out the different methods you can try.

Refinishing your cabinets is a cheaper alternative than a complete kitchen remodel, and can be achieved in various ways. Wooden cabinets that have yet to be painted can be sanded and stained with any color, which can change the whole look of your kitchen. On cabinets which have already been painted, you can try painting them with a new color, or, if you are really adventurous, give them a fresh look by texturing the paint using either a sponge or by rag rolling the paint on.

It is possible also to reface your cabinets to give your kitchen a more updated look. Try using a new stain, this is an excellent way to refinish cabinets that allows you to keep the natural beauty of wood in your kitchen. but, this kind of refinishing does not work on cabinets that have already been treated with a darker stain.

The wood color can only be changed in either tone or darkness with a new stain; sadly, the color can not be lightened. There are various methods and products you can use when staining cabinet, and most of them will include hand-sanding the wood. Once they have been completed, there is one more step that needs doing before applying the stain.

Painting wood cabinets is an excellent way to quickly and easily give your kitchen a facelift. And is considered the easiest method. All you need to do is sand down your cabinets so they have an even surface, then prime them, once this is dry, paint them with the color of your choice. Homeowners that are looking to redecorate their kitchen on a budget, choose a paint color that will complement the other new accessories in your kitchen.

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